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My newest project is a graphic novel adaptation of Taylor Field’s A Church Called Graffiti. This is my very first graphic novel!

At 270 pages long, we’re previewing the entire GN here over the next few months, to give folks a chance to find and read it. The book is Taylor’s memoir of when he first joined the Graffiti mission and church on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in New York City. Located near Tompkins Square Park, they help the poor and homeless living in Alphabet City (a neighborhood so named after its Avenues: A, B, C and D.)

There’s a “back cover text” page, and an “About Graffiti” page if you want to read more details.

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Graffiti GN: The City Decides to Close Tompkins Square Park


At the conclusion of chapter 7 in the A Church Called Graffiti graphic novel, the homeless living in Tompkins Square Park are warned by city officials that they need to move out. The park is being closed for renovations and they will no longer be able to live there.


Week of Oct 19: Graffiti Chapter Seven; Gentrification moves into the Lower East Side


As gentrification creeps into Manhattan’s  Lower East Side, homelessness increases and the neighborhood is reaching a crisis point.

Graffiti Pages Uploaded Oct 2: We start Chapter 7


Bill prefers not to get involved.

In chapter 7 Pastor Taylor meets Luis, the neighborhood drug lord. And Luis makes Taylor an offer that a different kind of man might not be able to refuse …

Graffiti Pages Loaded Sept 21–Visiting Work Teams Help Winterize Squats


In this last section of Chapter 6, Graffiti has guests — a work team from a church in North Carolina, There to help “winterize” the abandoned buildings for the homeless Graffiti members living in them. It turns out to be an interesting Saturday …

Pages Uploaded September 14




In this section of Chapter 6 we meet Mike and LaGuardia. Mike is having trouble kicking his drinking habit.

Pages Uploaded August 31



This is a busy week — I’m still hoping to cram in some vacation leisure time over the upcoming Labor day weekend … but we’ll see!

Today I’ve posted a three-page section of Chapter 6, where Taylor meets a young neighborhood pusher.


Pages Uploaded August 23


The latest pages to be uploaded of A Church Called Graffiti as of August 23 are: Chapter 6, pages 125 – 136.

Penultimate_01_pnl4My husband wrote our set of 2 mini comics called Penultimate Adventures. I’ve uploaded the first one. It’s our mini comic homage to Silver Age comics, including snack ad!

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